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Our Team

Amanda Grauze

Amanda Grauze

Managing Director

Amanda, an accomplished educator and seasoned OR RN, founded Medical Training Solutions in 2009, where she currently serves as the owner and managing director. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in the realm of medical education and simulation, Amanda holds the distinction of being an ARC accredited ALS2 Instructor, Course Director, and Instructor Course instructor.   Her pivotal role in the introduction of nationally recognised ALS courses to Australia is evident, as the first ALS & GIC courses in the country were organised under her strong leadership in 2005. Amanda's academic pursuits have led her to attain a Postgraduate Certificate in OR Nursing and Postgraduate Diploma in Education, which has cultivated her special focus on standardising skills teaching and systems, particularly as they pertain to emergency situations. Her dedication to advancing these critical aspects of medical education sets her apart as a valuable figure in the field.

CPR, PALS, Courses

Administration Manager

Sara Kerr

Sara brings a wealth of experience as an experienced administrator, with a comprehensive history within the education sector. Her engagement with Medical Training Solutions course participants extends to assisting them with enrolments and addressing course inquiries. Driven by a commitment to excellence and continuous enhancement, she is deeply dedicated to helping individuals attain their educational aspirations. Sara's primary focus centres on optimising the student journey, providing steadfast support to colleagues and participants alike. She takes great pride in cultivating an excellent learning encounter for every individual during their time at MTS.

Paediatric, Advanced, Courses

Sruti Pande

Administration Officer

Sruti joined the MTS team in 2022 and brings with her over 15 years of experience in administration. With a strong background of operations management in training organizations, Sruti is responsible for ensuring smooth and effective day to day operations at MTS and is the point of contact for course enquiries and registrations, e-learning and pre-reading queries and post course documentation.

Advanced Life Support, Blood Collection

Cushla Wilkinson

Training Facilitator

In 2022, Cushla became a valued member of the MTS team. With a distinguished career spanning more than thirteen years as a Registered Nurse, Cushla has amassed extensive expertise across diverse medical disciplines, including Neurology, Surgical, Maternity units, Theatre, Recovery, and Clinical Facilitating.   Bolstering her professional background, Cushla has successfully completed the ALS1 Course, Preceptor course and gained valuable insights through her role as a Clinical Facilitator. These experiences have kindled within her a fervent dedication to effecting positive change by fostering educational advancement. This aspiration has blossomed into a genuine passion. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment, Cushla is resolute in her mission to ensure that every individual's unique learning style is thoughtfully accommodated.

Paeds, 12-Lead, IV Cannulation

Nori Norazman

Training Facilitator

Nori is a highly accomplished training facilitator and advanced paramedic clinician with an impressive background in the field of intensive care paramedicine. With extensive experience in both training and assessment, Nori excels at equipping participants with a solid foundation of critical skills. Nori's approach not only promotes autonomy but also fosters a nurturing environment, characterized by exceptional organizational finesse and an unwavering attention to detail. Having drawn from years of hands-on experience as a frontline paramedic and his role as a paramedic preceptor, Nori possesses a wealth of practical wisdom perfectly tailored to meet the unique requirements of participants. Furthermore, Nori's expertise extends seamlessly into the industrial paramedicine sector, encompassing the intricacies of industries such as mining, oil and gas, and remote environments. This deep knowledge enhances his ability to navigate challenges and deliver customized solutions effectively.

Instructors, Medical Training, Perth, Paediatric


Our instructors come from a pool of experienced medical, nursing and paramedical clinicians from pre-hospital, anaesthesia, emergency and intensive care backgrounds. Instructors are accredited Advanced Life Support course instructors with the Australian Resuscitation Council and have extensive medical simulation and clinical teaching experience.

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