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About Us

Medical Training Solutions offers comprehensive medical training opportunities tailored for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. These offerings serve both to maintain essential skills such as mandatory CPR updates and to elevate existing expertise through ARC accredited Advanced Life Support courses.


Our training programs acknowledge the participants' existing skills, which can be effectively utilised in emergency scenarios. By employing a structured approach rooted in crisis management principles, teams can collaboratively work to achieve the optimal outcome for their patients.


At Medical Training Solutions, we prioritize the utmost quality in educational experiences. Our instructors are practicing clinicians within their specialized fields, ensuring that the information they provide remains current, adhering to the latest regulations and guidelines. This commitment to excellence ensures that the knowledge imparted is always up-to-date and relevant.


"The training was some of the best I’ve experienced, the depth in ALS1 was better than what I have been receiving during in-hospital education!"

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